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In the beverage industry shelf lifetime is a critical factor for both producer and consumer. The producer, wholesaler, retailer and consumer recognise that an increased shelf life time is a huge and valuable advantage. In a demanding world in which just in time production, distribution and delivery becomes more and more important, extended shelf lifetime provides the necessary extra flexibility.

Lowest chloride level

Increasing the quality of the product itself is also valuable. The key factors for the industry allow only the best technological solutions. Therefore we provide you with the lowest chloride level for the best lifetime of your stainless steel machinery and the lowest chlorate level for your best product quality. The very long half life time for a long time disinfection power. Disinfection at low temperatures for huge savings in less or even no heating. It is possible to increase product quality, extend machine lifetime and save on product waste, product changing time, chemicals and heating expenses.



Are you active in brewery or Food and Beverage industry? Do you require the purest form of chlorine, also referred to as ECA water, and lowest possible levels of chloride and chlorate? Then the electrolysis system DULCO®Lyse is the best solution!